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MFF?! Con Badges. pre-orders.

Thu Nov 10, 2011, 9:17 AM
Mff is coming up soon, and this will be my first con in a loooong time. Kinda excited to see all the folks I haven't seen around in a couple of years, going to rock out hard. However, I wont be taken on a large amount of commissions/work at the con. If anything a handful of sketche books commissions to cover the cost of me getting liquored up.

But if you want one of those con badges I use to do, you can still get one! I have made arrangements with a friend in the dealers den, for pick-ups, so you don't have to worry about looking around the con for your art, It will be waiting for you in the dealers den.

The large themed badges are 30 bucks. They are roughly 3x5 inches in size, sometime bigger, sometimes smaller.
Themed conbadge::Ambrose by BonePileStudio Themed conbadge::Twingatz by BonePileStudio Themed conbadge::Icee by BonePileStudio Themed conbadge::Steampunk by BonePileStudio

Also, smaller circleCoster badges. These are 15 dollars.
Small badges. by BonePileStudio ConBadge art::Cecillie by BonePileStudio

Send me a note, or toss me a reply here. Paypal only, sorry you can't pay me at the con for these. I will not be taking commissions for these badges at the con itself.

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Commission, One day, 30$

Mon Sep 19, 2011, 5:04 PM
I'm offering 1 and 2 day commissions, as follows; 30 Dollars a day.

1 Day Commission - One character in a detailed, painted setting, grayscale only, completed within the day's session.
2 Day Commission - An upgrade of the first, where the painting will be colored over the course of the second day.

You'll receive both the hi-res and low-res versions of the painting when finished.

Samples, One day.
Rainbow Forest Naga::Day one by BonePileStudio Fire starter::Day one by BonePileStudio A refreshing dip::Day One by BonePileStudio

Samples, Two day.
Rainbow Forest Naga by BonePileStudio Fire starter by BonePileStudio A refreshing dip. by BonePileStudio

Paypal only accepted, as I'm trying this style of commission out with a quick turnaround. If round one works out well, I'll probably offer up more options in terms of characters, settings, and anything else you might think to request.

Send Commission/Questions via Notes To reserve your spot!

[color=red]These are still Open! Note me[/color]

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Art Trades Anyone?

Wed Sep 7, 2011, 12:33 PM
Looking for a couple.
Also open for anything, let me know what your interested in. Feel free to note me to work out details...
Looking for people who put effort into their art, and wont shaft me.

My character.…………

Got plenty.

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Digital Commission Info!

Tue Aug 23, 2011, 10:20 AM
I am open for a limited amount of large scale digital commissions.
What do I mean by limited? I will take on 2 or 3 a month, and work on them, once those are done, I will take on another 2 or 3. If your interested while I am full, I can put you on a waiting list, and contact you later.
Paypal/checks/money orders accepted. However, checks/money order payments need to clear my account before I start any work. Paypal is instant.

The base price for these is $60USD single character. fun and simple background.*
The more complex a character is, along with the setting will up the price.
Extra characters also cost extra.
*At artist's discretion

Things I like drawing; Hyenas, Dragons, Monsters,  Snakes, Trees, post apocalyptic, cities, buildings, well though out settings, mushrooms...
Things I will NOT draw. Minors in adult situations.

What to do! Note me the following
Subject: Digital Commission
Send, character refs, description, and your idea. and Payment method.
I will reply within 24 hours, with a quote for the over all price, and were to send payment to.

Thanks for looking guys.

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I want to draw up some icons/head shots. ATCs!

I can draw an array of things, so throw it at me.
Nothing adult.

My character.…………
Draw her AWESOME!

These will be done by the weekend, ATC's take me about a week or two I ask for the same courtesy.
Totally down for exchanging originals via snail mail!

Looking for fun stuff!
Link me a character image you drew! Don't link me other peoples art.
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I have been having fun looking around for groups to join.

Can anyone throw me some Group recommendations!
Places you know, my style, and subjects would fit into?

I also made a Tumblr account.

For almost daily sketches?
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Got everything from the last couple years I enjoyed posted on this site.

The layout on this site is kinda complex and a little overwhelming at times, but I think I will get the hang of it! But I like how customizable it seems to be.

Thank you everyone for the watches, comments, and favorites. Glad to see some people have found me in this neck of the tubes. I hope to keep things fresh and exciting! My goal as an artist feels almost never ending as the level of still I wish to have is like polishing a rough and jagged stone to a mirror finish.
Old artist, new name.

Done uploading select pieces form 2009.
Pieces from 2010 will be posted later today.

Then we can move on to more current events.

Its been so long since I have used DA, so much has changed. I hope to see lots of old faces, and maybe a few new ones. Thanks for taking the time to browse though my work, fav, and comment. Critiques are more then welcome, that is how we learn.

A little about myself.

I am a freelance artist from Madison Wi. I have worked on a number of projects for the independent game industry. I have also done a couple CD album covers, and Illustrations for novels over the last year or so. I am currently the lead artist for an indi app company. I like drawing trees and cities the most. I often use hyenas, vultures, or squids in my work, as they are power animals for me, and they are fun to draw.